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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Sisterlocks™
Sisterlocks™ "creates a stable woven framework in a lock of hair within which the natural interlocking process can take place." Dr. JoAnne Cornwell

How long does my hair need to be in in order to  have my Sisterlocks™ installed?
Sisterlocks can be installed with just 1½ to 2 inches of  natural unprocessed hair.

Will I have to cut the perm out of my hair in  order to have Sisterlocks™ installed?
You do not have to cut the perm out of your hair in order to   start Sisterlocks™. You need 1½ to 2 inches of unprocessed hair to  transition  from a relaxer to Sisterlocks™.

What happens to my relaxed hair after Sisterlocks™  are installed?
Sisterlocks™ are installed on the new growth portion of the   hair, not the permed portion. Once installed, you style your hair as  you  normally would. As your locks grow, you slowly cut away the permed  portion of  your hair. This way you do not have to start your locks with  a very short length  of hair.

How do I choose a Consultant to install and  maintain my Sisterlocks™?
Sisterlocks™ is a trademark Hair Maintenance System that is   taught in an approved training class by Master Trainers or Certified  Training  Associates that have been handpicked by Dr. JoAnne Cornwell. A  list of those  who are certified to install Sisterlocks™ may be found  on  Certified Sisterlocks™ Consultants and Qualified Sisterlocks™ Trainees  must maintain their  certification to stay in good standing with  Sisterlocks™ Home Office in order to be listed on the Sisterlocks™  Website.

What does the  Sisterlocks™ Package Consist of?
Certified Sisterlocks™ Consultants and Qualified  Sisterlocks™ Trainees offer  the Sisterlocks™  as a package that   consists of at the least 3 visits. The first appointment being your  initial  consultation, the second being your locking session which can  be split into 2  or more sessions and third the follow up appointment in  which your Sisterlocks™  are retightened.

How long does the  Consultation last?
You can expect to spend approximately one hour with your  consultant. During the  consultation, you and your consultant will  discuss the hair locking process.  You will also discuss your lifestyle  as it relates to your hair care practices.

How long does it take  for the initial installation of Sisterlocks™?
The initial install can range from 16-20 hours, sometimes it  may take longer  depending upon the length and density of the hair.  Installations are broken up  into 2 - 3 day increments. Your  installation is the 1st and only time you will  sit that long for  Sisterlocks™ services. Unlike extensions, the hair  does not have to be  taken down,  only the new grow is retighten and that  usually takes  anywhere from 3-5 hours. Your should schedule retightening services  every 4 - 6 weeks.

What is the cost for  the Sisterlocks™ Package?
Sisterlocks™ are offered as a 3-part package; Consultation,  Installation and  Follow-up visits. The cost can begin at $600 for up to  3 inches of natural  unprocessed hair and may increase $50-$100 per  inch of hair thereafter. The cost of  the consultation is $50 and is due  at the beginning of the consultation  appointment. The cost of your  installation is paid on the first day of the installation.

I have  Traditional Locks; can I start Sisterlocks™ with my existing locks?
This is not recommended for many reasons, here are a few;   the exquisite look of Sisterlocks™ is due in part to the way  Sisterlocks™ are  started. With Sisterlocks™, the hair is sectioned  according to a pre-set parting  structure. Parting for most traditional  locking methods are not as detailed,  and may not produce the same  results.

In addition, when you  change locking techniques within a  single lock, for example going from a  twisting palm role method to a  woven interlocking method, you create a  vulnerable area at the  transition point. This weak area will tend to open up  over time,  exposing individual strands of hair that are prone to breakage. The   weak area doesn't show up right away, but will begin to show from 6  months to 2  years down the line!

With Sisterlocks™,  the hair is pulled into the lock  formation more tightly than with most  traditional locking methods. This  means that the size of the traditional lock  will decrease noticeably  at the point where you begin the Sisterlocks™ method.  Also, because the  parting size for traditional locks are too large for  Sisterlocks™ to  begin with, this shrinkage results in too much scalp showing.

Will Sisterlocks™ damage  or thin my hair?
Sisterlocks™ will not damage nor will they thin your hair.   Sisterlocks™ incorporates a woven pattern that makes the hair extremely   resilient. Because there are no chemicals, beeswax, or gels used to  install or  maintain the locks, the scalp and hair have the most ideal  environment to thrive  and restore itself naturally. With Sisterlocks™  you may actually experience  hair growth in areas that had once stopped  growing altogether.

What is the process of  settling?
Often times you may hear the phrase, “your locks have not   settled yet.” Basically what this means is, when you have Sisterlocks™   installed, your locks will have a beautiful woven pattern that may be  mistaken  for braids. The hair can slip and slide within the structure  or framework of  the Sisterlocks™ pattern causing an undesirable look  called slippage. After  several months the locks will settle/mature  which will cause it to be less prone  to slippage. Signs of  settling/maturation are when your locks starts to look  more like  uniformed matted locks and less like a braid. The settling phase is  different  for each individual and can range from 3 months to a year,  sometimes it may take even longer.

How will my Sisterlocks™ look after they are mature?
Sisterlocks™ work with your natural hair texture.  Your  natural hair texture affects the appearance of your Sisterlocks™. They   have a unique look on each Client.

Will my Sisterlocks™ always appear as a “tiny braid”?
Your Sisterlocks™ will not remain as small as they appear   after they are first installed. Sisterlocks™ will mature over time. The  initial  look of your Sisterlocks™ will change. Depending on your hair  type, it may take  anywhere from 2 weeks to up until a year for your  Sisterlocks™ to settle in.  Your Sisterlocks™ will increase in thickness  after a few washing by about 100%.  The ends will always remain a  little thicker than the root.

How will I know when my Sisterlocks™ have settled in?
You will know that your hair is completely locked as  it  increases in volume. The ends will become defined and your locks won't  slip.  At this point, you may stop using the locking bands.

How can I wear my Sisterlocks™?
Though the daily routine and care habits of your  hair will  change. You may wear your Sisterlocks™ in many of the same ways that   you wear your unlocked hair. You can wear updo's, roller sets and or  free  style. You will have to use your Starter Shampoo in the beginning  until your Sisterlocks™ mature. You will have to avoid heavy  products  and you want to avoid heat styling initially. Always use gentle styling   techniques.
*Please Note: Frequently Asked Questions are general questions and answers in relation to the Sisterlock process. Visit the Official Sisterlocks Website for more information.            

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