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Sisterlocks™ Package

Step 1 – The Consultation
The Consultation fee is $50. Your hair should be washed at least 24 hours  prior to any scheduled appointment and free from products such as  conditioners, moisturizers, and oils. Please do not blow dry your hair  prior to your consultation.

The consultation  takes about an hour. Your Certified Consultant will determine, based  upon the length, density and hair texture, the amount of time that it  will take to install your Sisterlocks™, as well as the cost.

You will have an opportunity to ask questions about Sisterlocks™ and will be given several sample locks.

Step 2 – The Installation
Once  your installation appointment is set (approximately 2 to 4 weeks after  your initial consultation), you will sit with your Certified Consultant  to start your “transformation.” Bring a good book, magazine and plenty  of snacks. Your installation appointment may take 2 to 3 days. After  your installation, a follow-up session will be scheduled.

Step 3 – The Follow-up (first retightening)
After  your Sisterlocks™/Brotherlocks™ have been installed, at the follow-up  visit, your hair is checked for slippage. An overall evaluation will be  performed to determine how well the Sisterlocks™/Brotherlocks™ are  holding. The locks are then retightened.

Please note: Follow up only includes up to 2 hrs of services. After which the fee is $35 per hour.

Maintenance Visits (ongoing retightening)
Your  first few retightening visits should be at regular intervals, which  allows your Certified Consultant to monitor the progress of your locks.  Your Consultant will be able to determine how often you will need to  come in for retightenings. The average time between visits is 4-6 weeks,  depending on the amount of slippage and rate of the hair growth. Please  refer to the Services page for Lots of Locs Natural Hair Studio  Retightening fee schedule.
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