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Lots of Locs Natural Hair Studio Appointments Policy

Clients are seen by appointment only. Lots of Locs Natural Hair Studio recommends that you pre schedule your appointments 6 months to 1 year in advance. Scheduling on short notice is often difficult to accommodate. All clients should arrive with their hair clean and free from any products. Hair should be washed at least 24 to 48 hours prior to all scheduled appointments.

Cancellations and Rescheduling
For retightening services, clients shall notify their consultant at least 48 hours in advance to cancel their appointment.

A $30 cancellation fee applies if the client does not give at least 48 hour notice. This fee is due within 3 days of the cancelled appointment. If not paid, future appointments will be denied and future appointments already scheduled will be cancelled.

If clients are off schedule due to cancellations, other repair services may be needed and can only be assessed during the client's rescheduled appointment. The Client may be charged an additional service fee for repairs. Clients will also be charged for additional weeks outside of their normal retightening schedule.

Lots of Locs Natural Hair Studio reserves the right to discontinue services to clients who repeatedly cancels appointments.

Clients who cancel appointments without discussing and making arrangements for a new Retightening date, will have all future appointments canceled as the future dates will no longer align with the amount of time needed to complete a Retightening based on the number of additional weeks that would have passed since the last Retightening. It is the Client’s responsibility to get back on schedule.
For installations, if an entire day is lost due to rescheduling after the installation begins, a lost day fee of $150 will be charged to the client's account and is due before the installation resumes. A new date will be scheduled at the discretion of Lots of Locs Natural Hair Studio

Installations are blocked 10 hours each day unless otherwise noted. 2 breaks are taken (30 minutes each break) one for lunch and one for dinner. Proper arrangements should be made to attend the entire day before booking an installation service. If time is lost due to the client leaving early, the client taking excessive or long breaks, or for any reason whatsoever, the time lost will be assessed as a late fee.

Children who are not receiving services are not allowed on the premises during installations and retightening services. Please make proper arrangements for your children prior to scheduling appointments.

Please do not bring additional guests during appointments. Additional guests attending consultation appointments will be required to pay a separate consultation fee or they will be required to remain outside of the premises.

Clients should color their hair prior to having their Sisterlocks™ established. Coloring your Sisterlocks™ after establishment and prematurely can cause damage to your Sisterlocks™.

Lots of Locs Natural Hair Studio is not responsible for damage to your locks due to color. Damage can include dryness, weakness, breaking and brittle locks.

Coloring in between services will also result in higher retightening fees being accessed.

Please let your Consultant know if you plan to color your hair before your next scheduled service. Coloring your hair can lead to excessive slippage that may result in longer retightening times. Appointments may need to be extended or rescheduled if there isn’t enough time allotted for your service due to the change. The Client is responsible for the additional fees accessed due to the need to cancel and or reschedule appointments.

Consultation Fees
A non-refundable consultation fee of $50 per person is required for New Installations and Transfer Clients. No exceptions!

The entire $50 Consultation fee is due up front in order to schedule the consultation. The fee may be paid via PayPal, Cash App and or Zelle.

The Consultation Fee is a separate fee from the install quote. The fee is not deductible from future service.

Consultation fees and prepayments (deposits) are non-refundable and cannot be applied toward another date should the client decide to cancel.

The installation quote provided during the Consultation is valid for 30 days. The install quote provided during the consultation may increase to reflect additional hair growth after 30 days.

Convenient Payment Service Fees
Cash and Zelle are the preferred methods of payment accepted for all Sisterlocks™ Services provided by Lots of Locs Natural Hair Studio. For the Client’s convenience, Lots of Locs Natural Hair Studio will also accept cash app, paypal and credit card payments. These methods will have a convenience fee applied. The convenience fee is to cover the fees we are charged for instant deposits/instant access to the payments. The additional fee is applied to the normal service fee as follows:
      •  Credit card 4%
      • *Cash App 3%
      • *PayPal 2%
      • Zelle 0%
*Cash app and PayPal can be paid a day or more in advance of the service date to avoid the convenience fee being applied.

Courtesy Calls
For all services, clients should call in advance if they are running late and or if they will be leaving early. Because unexpected delays can backup subsequent services, clients 15 minutes late or more may have to reschedule their appointments. Call before arriving late.
Lots of Locs Natural Hair Studio reserves the right to cancel any appointment should the estimated time of arrival conflict with other Client services that are scheduled throughout the day or week. Lots of Locs Natural Hair Studio also reserves the right to discontinue service for repeat cancellations.

COVID-19 Safety Precautions
Lots of Locs Natural Hair Studio strives to provide a safe, clean and healthy environment to our Clients.

The studio will be sanitized before and after each Client’s appointment. The surface of the salon chair including the head and arm rest will be wiped down with a disinfectant. The salon area will be sprayed with a disinfectant such as Lysol. The mirror and remotes will also be sanitized after each use. The Consultant will open and shut the entry door upon your arrival and departure.

Clients should wash their hands or utilize hand sanitizer before the appointment starts.

Clients who feel ill, should reschedule their appointments immediately. The same rescheduling policy of providing 24-48 hours of notice still applies. The Consultant will immediately cancel a Client’s appointment should they arrive appearing to be ill.

In order to help maintain social distancing, both the Consultant and Clients will wear a face mask or face coverings during the appointment.  To ensure that there is only one Client in the Studio at a time, the 15 minute late cancellation policy will be strongly enforced.

I will continue to add safety strategies and welcome recommendations that can be implemented to respond to COVID-19.

Disclosure of Usage
Lots of Locs Natural Hair Studio reserves the right to photograph all work for demonstrative purposes. Photos may be used on Lots of Locs Natural Hair Studio's website as well as on other promotional materials and social websites.

As a part of the Sisterlocks™ package, all clients receive a complimentary 2-4 week follow-up after their installation. This follow up includes up to 2 hours of service, after the second hour the client will be billed $35 per hour or portion there of. If the client does not make their 2-4 week appointment, the 2-4 week follow-up appointment will be void. The next appointment will be considered a full retightening session where normal rates apply.

Negligence and Missed Appointments
Lots of Locs Natural Hair Studio is not responsible for repairing locs due to negligence. Clients who fail to properly care for their locs will be charged a Repair Fee.

Lateness/Early Departure Fees
Clients must call or text if they expect to be 10 minutes or more late. Services will be billed from the time your appointment was scheduled, not your arrival time.

Clients 15 minutes late will need to reschedule. It is not my policy to start retightening services when you arrive and "do what I can" during the window of time normally allotted. A $30 no show fee will be charged to the Client. The fee must be paid within 3 days or all future appointments will be denied and appointments already scheduled will be canceled.

For retightening services, if by chance a Client's appointment isn’t completely canceled by Lots of Locs Natural Hair Studio for being 15 minutes late, a $30 late cancellation/no show fee will be charged. The clock starts at your appointment time.
For Sisterlock Installation Appointments, Clients will be charged $40 for the first 45 minutes that the client leaves early.
Breaks taken by your consultant are not included in your billed time.
No Shows
Clients who fail to keep their scheduled appointment will result in the cancellation of ALL scheduled appointments and will no longer be seen for further services. Calling just a few minutes prior to a scheduled appointment is considered the same as a no show.
Payment is due in full prior to the start of a Sisterlock installation appointment.

A 20% deposit is due at the time of booking your installation appointment. This payment is required to secure the client's desired date. Because Lots of Locs Natural Hair Studio closes 2 to 3 days of business for your scheduled installation, this payment is not refundable and original dates cannot be rescheduled should the client decide to cancel.

The remaining balance is due the first day of installation, before the session begins. I will not begin the Installation of your Sisterlocks™ prior to the balance being paid. Please be prepared with your payment. Needing to leave to go to the bank and return is counted as a late arrival.

Payments can be made in person via cash, money orders and or cashier checks. Personal Checks are not accepted! Convenient payment options are also available.

Payment plans can be arranged and applied towards installation services. The full payment must be made prior to the start of your appointment.
Payments for Retightening Services
Your Retightening service fee must be paid before or at the very end of the service prior to leaving the premises. Not doing so can result in future services being denied, appointments being canceled and or additional fees being added to your service fee due.
Preparation for Installation and Retightening Services
All clients must wash their hair at least 24 to 48 hours prior to their service appointment. The hair should be free of any oils, conditioner, grease, etc…
Installations are broken into 2 to 3 day increments. Each day is blocked for 10 hours but can vary. Clients are to provide their own meals and beverages. There is a refrigerator and microwave available for Client usage. Clients are also encouraged to bring books, CDs and or DVDs. Earphones are required.
Refund Policy
Lots of Locs Natural Hair Studio has a no refund policy. Consultations fees and deposits to secure install dates are non refundable. There are no refunds provided for services rendered.

Consultation fees and deposits are not transferable to other dates.

Clients who cancel and/or decline to return for their included follow up appointments are considered to have forfeited the follow up. There is no cash value applied to declined/canceled included follow up appointments.

Included follow up appointments must be performed 2-3 weeks after install appointments and include up to 2 hours of service.

Rest & A Good night’s sleep
Please be well rested and have a God’s night’s sleep prior to retightenings and Sisterlocks™ Establishment appointments. Being able to sit still, hold your head straight and as needed is very crucial to establishing straight lines and parts. It also helps to prevent snagging and pulling during retightenings. Constant request to hold your head straight, bobbing heads and nodding can lead to the remainder of the appointment being canceled. The full service fee will still be due and rescheduling will be at the expense of the Client.
Service fee
Your up to 3 hr. Retightening Service Fee is based on what I deem as the “normal activity” for your hair when it comes to the rate of growth, slippage, and your retightening schedule. The change can result in a an increase to your service fee regardless of whether I am able to get your retightening done in the same amount of time. The following (including, but not limited to) can change what is deemed as the “Normal activity” of your hair:
      • Products
      • Coloring  
      • Conditioning your Sisterlocks™
      • Excessive shampooing
      • Exercise
      • Increase in weeks between retightenings
      • Sweating
      • Utilizing products
If you are sick or ill and/or caring for anyone with a transferable infection, virus or disease, PLEASE RESCHEDULE your appointment until the conditions have been remedied. Proper notice is still required.
Sisterlocks™ Products
Sisterlocks™ products are specially formulated for the lifetime care of your Sisterlocks™. We strongly recommend that you use Sisterlocks™ products for the duration of your Sisterlocks™ journey. We are not responsible for the outcome of your hair should you begin using non Sisterlocks™ products as these products can cause buildups, over moisturized locks, damage to the integrity of your locks.
Smoking is strictly prohibited on the premises.
Terms & Conditions
Lots of Locs Natural Hair Studio reserves the rights to change terms and conditions without prior notices.

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